Casinos For Williams Interactive

Established way back in 1943, the casinos for Williams Interactive (WMS) now have an array of exciting online games, sure to please any generation. Take a step back in time to the classic days with the three games below. A dose of Star Trek will leave you feeling out of this world. Next, experience the head banging KISS slot. Finally, saddle up with a round of Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em Poker!

Casinos for Williams Interactive: KISS slot

Casinos For Williams Interactive: Star Trek Slots

Take a trip out of this world with Star Trek slots, a part of the casinos for Williams Interactive new product line. Start spinning during ‘Episode 1’ and try your hand at unlocking new levels. New levels bring more episodes and bonus lounges. Don’t worry, this is an episodic game. You will be able to pick up where you last left off and your levels will save to your account, leaving no need to start over each time. This game offers fun features like ‘SPIN UNTIL YOU WIN’, ‘RED ALERT’ (a charismatic extra spin beginning from episode 1) and ‘WIN WARP FEATURES’, which will randomly increase the award of any winning spin.

Rock Out With KISS

With the great music behind this game, how can you not love it? Animated versions of KISS songs play while you are spinning the wheel. You will be singing and head-banging as you watch the 5 reels spin. If that isn’t reason enough to play, there are 100 pay lines in this game. It has an RTP of 95.94% and you can bet between .01 – .50 coins. Like most games, if offers Auto Spin choices and customised options. Wild cards abound and act as wild for all but the FEATURE Symbol. The FEATURE Symbol is the KISS logo and rewards awesome bonuses like 8-20 free spins and 2-20 times your total bet. When you win, you get a BIG FIERY EXPLOSION and KISS sings for you (not the animated version) while you watch your winnings roll in.

Stick With A Steady Texas Hold ‘Em

If Sci-Fi and Rock Bands don’t tickle your fancy, you are sure to love Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em. A simple, no frills, easy user interface that wastes no time explaining the game to a newbie. Saddle up and place your bets (1.00 – 100.00 coins). The cards are dealt while the sound of a snare drum plays. Your bet triggers the click of a gun. Once you see your 1st hand, easily choose 3x, 4x the ante, or stand. This fast-moving game pays from 3:1 on 3 of a kind to 50:1 for a Royal Flush (in trips). Your blind side bet can pay up to 500:1 for hands higher than 3 of a kind. Whichever way you roll, you’ll find something fun to play with the Online Casinos of Williams Interactive.