Slots of Williams Interactive

Are you feeling lucky? Try your hand with the colorful slots of Williams Interactive. Your favorite interest awaits you. Williams Interactive offers anything and everything from OMG emoji puppies to fast cars and fishing. Exciting sounds, auto pulls, and animations galore. There are multiple paylines offered, free spins, a large range of bet money, and a RTP of nearly 96%. It will definitiely entertain, if not pay a little too.

Slots of Williams Interactive is everywhere and anywhere you are

Slots of Williams Interactive is a Win

My favorite game, Cheshire Cat, Slots of Williams Interactive, is a spin (no pun intended) on my favorite delusional character, Alice in Wonderland. Set your autospin and watch distinguishing fat felines line up on the payline to earn your bonus pays and free spins. This game has 4 reels and up to five wilds on those arrays. You can bet from .01 to 2.50 coin, and the wild bonus pays from 25.00 coin for 3 wilds to 1,250 coin for 5 wilds. Royal crowned letters, perfectly frosted pink slices of cake, green potion, and an anxiously awaited visit from Alice in Wonderland herself entertain while anticipating the big jackpot win. Set your autospins to play for you while you relax and watch your winnings add up.

Flash That Toothy Smile

Who can resist the toothy smile of the Cheshire Kitty Cat? Not only is he the namesake of this royal game, his purr-fectly lined teeth are also the wild card symbol. A fitting contradication to the chaotic and insane world of Alice and her friends as they travel through Wonderland. Line up 3 or more Cheshires and he also pays the most out of all of Alice’s friends. Cheshire pays up to 3.00 coin, Alice pays up to 2.40 coin, Absolem pays up to 1.80, the maddening time-keeping Rabbit pays up to 1.20 (I guess it doesn’t pay to be on time). The magic potion and pink cake both pay the least at .90 coin max.

Adventure Awaits the Aware

Join Absolem, the hookah-smoking caterpillar grinning the day away, Cheshire the Cat in all his glory, and a glorious Alice in Wonderland with her blond locks flowing while you try your luck at this game of chance. A play anywhere and everywhere hit certain to entertain and produce a smile, if not a few wins too. Autospin choices programmed for convenient clicks from 5 to 50 spins, bets from .01 to 2.50 coin, multiple paylines and chances at free spins and bonus pays. Cheer for the Cheshire as he brings the most pay and the wild card bonus!